Hi, I am Useless Works

My name is Rémi, I am a Game Programmer and 
I am currently working on the game HK Project at Blue Twelve Studio.
Feel free to get in touch, I’m always up for discussing bright ideas.

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HK Project

People - Blue Twelve Studio
Tech - UE4

Currently trying to make a nice game, about nice things, with nice people.


People - Wild Sheep Studio
Platform - PS4
Tech - C++

Multi-purpose developer on the PS4 game Wild.
Mainly worked on systems design & architecture, but also on Character controller, Middleware integration (PhysicsEffects, Edge...), Tools and AI.

Pang Adventures

People - Pastagames
Platform - PS4
Tech - C++

3 months internship on the finalization of the PS4 game Pang Adventures. Worked on Debugging tools, optimization and TRC.

Royal Corgi

People - 1 Researcher, 1 Developer
Platform - PC
Tech - Unity3D, Tobii EyeX

Royal Corgi is a game out of a 3 month collaboration with Mélodie Vidal, HCI Researcher.
It is a role-playing game that uses eye-tracking devices and where characters react to the player's gaze in realistic, human-like ways.
It is meant to show that social gaze has great potential to increase immersion in virtual environments.


People - 1 Researcher, 1 Developer
Platform - PC
Tech - Unity3D, Tobii EyeX

Shynosaurs is another game made in collaboration with Mélodie Vidal, HCI Researcher, as part of our experimentations around computer gaze-awareness.
It is developed with eye-tracking in mind and aims to embrace the delicate balance needed to use the eyes as both sensors and controllers.


People - Just me
Platform - Arduino
Tech - Arduino

This little piece of code allow you to turn an Arduino + a NES controller into a USB keyboard.


People - Just me
Platform - GameBoy
Tech - Z80 Assembly

This started as an exercice in order to get my hands into some very low level and hardware related code, but evolved into a little background project for me.
The ultimate goal is to develop a complete shooter that would run on the GameBoy, just for the sake of cool.


People - Just me
Platform - Android
Tech - Unity3D

Grab a friend and help your Gigantic Reversible Ovoid With Incredible Natural Grip to coordinate his limbs and travel the world.

G.R.O.W.I.N.G is a 2 player cooperative game for mobile, made in 48 hours for LD34. Both players plays on the same device, one on each end.

ASCII Renderer

People - Just me
Platform - Web
Tech - WebGL, javascript

Experiments around WebGL, javascript engine and post-rendering shaders.

Software Rasteriser

People - 6 Developers
Platform - Linux
Tech - SDL, C

This 6 weeks school project is a software rasteriser library that can reproduce a good portion of OpenGL 1.4 features.
The API is similar to OpenGL 1.4, so they are interchangeable.
I mainly worked on architecture, vertex interpolation algorithms, and texturing.


People - Just me
Platform - Web
Tech - HTML5 Canvas, javascript

Trapped is a game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #31 whose theme was "Entire game on one screen".
This is the first game I made with an entirely home-made engine.


People - 2 Developers
Platform - Linux
Tech - SDL, C

This 3 weeks school project is a mockup of the PS1 game Gravitation.
We made level editing so that it is possible to generate a terrain out of a simple bitmap file.

I worked on engine, renderer, architecture, gameplay and bitmap parsing.